Hi I'm Jannine, I'm 17 and

here are some random things about me. Likes: good music, green tea, coffee, the sky, long walks, stars, deep conversations, sleeping in, cute guys, hugs, sunsets, and cuddling, tumblr.

Dislikes: Arrogant people, wind, pokie grass, bugs, spiders, and dark hallways.

Fall in love with the sound of her voice, because that’s the first thing you’ll lose when she’s gone.
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*wakes up* what the fuck

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*prays that I instantly become hot at 18*

well too late for me

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Some people smoke,
others drink, and others fall in love,
each one dies from a different way.
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i am the almost empty shampoo bottle in the shower of life

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The hours between 12am and 6am
have a funny habit of making you feel
like you’re either on top of the world,
or under it.
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someone somewhere is meeting the love of their life right now and that’s pretty cool

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